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Incontinence Undergarment Fun swimwear helps keep swim diaper hidden and secure. Wonderful summer colors
Discreet High Low Top Female Adaptive Swim Suit
Our extra long discreet High Low Tank is lower in the back - "hugging" your bottom without snaps! These are great if you have incontinence and need to simply conceal the back of your brief from exposure - it will never show! Stays tucked in...

Female Adaptive Swimwear! Adds protection and dignity! Bodysuit style special needs swimsuit. Prevents disrobing. Designed to wear over and hide swim brief. Has a built in bra liner.



Incontinence Sheets Full length special needs bodysuit.
Incontinence Sheets, Waterproof Sheets, Spray Wipe and CleanFull Length Special Needs Bodysuit

Incontinence Sheets that will change your life! No More daily laundering bedding. Standalone bottom sheet. Simply spray and wipe clean. Breathable, Waterproof, Completely Soft, Sleeps cool.  Make your life easier!

Durable, soft, stretchable, sensory friendly clothing. 95% Cotton 5% Spandex. Legs go down to the ankle for added protection from reaching up into diaper. Ultra Strong Protection Level. Zipper in the back. Has buckle options placed between...



Male Swim Suit Colored Onesies - Tank, Short, and Long Sleeve
Male Swim SuitColored Onesies - Tank, Short, and Long Sleeve

Male adaptive swimsuit - designed to prevent disrobing, hides brief, and adds the utmost dignity! Made from stretchy Lycra - this is very sensory friendly. Closure between shoulder blades. 

Fun colors and sleeve lengths!

Stretchable and durable

2 snaps in crotch, adds security and easy toileting.

Neck designed to prevent undressing

Order in the size you would wear in a Child or Adult T Shirt




Colorful Washable Wheelchair Pads Onesie Packs - Discounted Pricing! Moderate Protection
Colorful Washable Wheelchair PadsOnesie Packs - Discounted Pricing! Moderate Protection

Check out our colorful, washable, incontinence pads for wheelchairs, or any other seat! Three layers, made of Waterproof PUL on the bottom layer, Absorbent Terry Cloth in the center layer, and 100% absorbant cotton flannel on the outer layer. No...

Our basic tank - the PERFECT addition to ANY wardrobe. These can be worn under absolutely anything! 95% Cotton 5% Lycra Stretchable and durable 2 snaps in crotch, adds security.  Order in the size you would wear in an Adult T Shirt



Kryptonite Bodysuit - Strong Protection Our Titanium Anti Strip Bodysuits will Not Tear. Custom design uses your measurements to create the perfect fit for no access to diaper area.
Kryptonite Bodysuit - Strong ProtectionTitanium Bodysuit ** Strongest Ultimate Protection**

95% Cotton 5% Spandex Stretchable and durable Zipper in the back - with buckle option, no getting into this one! Order what size you would wear in an Adult or Child T Shirt

90% Polyester 10% Spandex This suit is non tearable, a bit less sensory friendly than the Kryptonite, but still very comfortable with a small amount of stretch. Zipper and buckle option in the center of the shoulder blades. 






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