Full length special needs bodysuit.
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Special Needs clothing adult bodysuit.  This anti strip jumpsuit is Durable, soft, stretchable, sensory friendly clothing.  95% Cotton 5% Spandex.

Legs go down to the ankle for added protection from reaching up into diaper.

Ultra Strong Protection Level.  Prevents disrobing, prevents fecal smearing. 

Zipper in the back.  Has buckle options placed between shoulder blades for more protection.

Neck designed to prevent undressing.

Order what size you would wear in an Adult T Shirt.

Add on protiction features are:

Standard Buckle, small comfortable side release buckle in center of shoulder blades.

Safegaurd Buckle, small side release buckle with switch in the center moved one direction - it will not release, moved the other direction - allows it to release

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Full Length Special Needs Bodysuit

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