Colorful Washable Wheelchair Pads
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Check out our colorful, washable, incontinence pads for wheelchairs, or any other seat!  Three layers, made of Waterproof PUL on the bottom layer, Absorbent Terry Cloth in the center layer, and 100% absorbant cotton flannel on the outer layer.  No more medical looking incontinence pads!  You can customize these to match your wheelchair, or order in your favorite color!  These patterns will hide the fact that they are an incontinence product - it will just make the wheelchair or seat look more colorful.  A fun way to JAZZ up your wheelchair!  These reusable chair protector are a must have.  Stylish chair covers and seat protectors to complete your incontinence supplies.


Standard size is approximately 18 inches x 20 inches.  Fully machine washable seat protector.  Reuse over and over again!

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Colorful Washable Wheelchair Pads

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